Rates (Anchoring vessels off Grand Bahama)

Pilotage is compulsory for the Freeport anchorage. Every ship entering, leaving or making use of the anchorage area is required to use a pilot licensed by the Port Department of the Government of The Bahamas. 

Pilotage fees are levied according to the vessels' GRT, per hour or part thereof. 


The Pilotage fee covers the first hour or part thereof of each Act of Pilotage. Any delay that is caused by the customer, beyond the first hour or request to remain onboard will be assessed a charge of $250.00 per hour, or part thereof. 


Arrivals, Sailings, Shifts or any other movements.



Between positions within the anchorage area, a flat rate charge shall be made. 


Support Services

24-hour monitoring and support services will be charged per vessel per day utilizing anchorage.

$100.00 per 24hr period

Pilot Transfer

Per Movement / Shift.

$500.00 per pilot transfer 

Special Services

Moving or shifting vessel without machinery and/or steering power.

200% of the above GRT rates will apply.

Pilotage rates are subject to change. Please ensure agents use most recent version of tariff.

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The Port Authorities Act (Bahamas)

The Port Authorities Act governs pilots and pilotage throughout The Bahamas.

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The Bahamas Government Port Department

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